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Our Services

Our services are powered by media planning, buying and analytics with ability to integrate into 360 Marketing Communication.

Outdoor Advertising

Billboard, Signboard, Neon sign, Neon bar, Signage, Videotron, Digital Billboard.


Advertising at the International Airport around the world, incl: Singapore, Japan, Germany, Australia.


Advertisement inside the Mall and Trade Centre using both printed and digital displays.


Advertising inside hypermarket, supermarket and retail market (modern trade and general trade) through static and dynamic at potential spots, such shelves, end gondola, in-store TV, in-store radio, etc


Online Public Transportation, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Train & Commuter Line, Shelter & Station, Airplane, Dock Station, Ferry & Passenger Boat, Mobile Ad Display.


Advertisement at any possible outdoor spots, such as public bench, pillar branding, mural art wall, public sanitation, Cellular Tower, etc


Digital print, Front-lit, Vinyl, Backlit, Sticker, Poster.

An Optimization of Outdoor Advertising

THE FACT THAT more than 2/3 (67%) of Indonesian consumers in 11 cities spend 4H 33m outside on weekdays with Coverage of out of home is 66%.

(Source: Updated Nielsen Data on Consumer Media of View Study in 2019)

We are always driven to help the brand to grow by providing and developing potential visibility outdoor advertising spots to get aware and engaged with its market.

The Opportunity for Out of Home Improvement

There are several types of used out of home media but we are always triggered to explore the way to improve the outdoor channel to become the channel that is suitable for the brand to precisely meet the target market.

Not just improving the technology through an advance stage, but most importantly knowing what aspect needed to improve from those outdoor channels.

That is why we strongly believe in how.


Leading path to the outdoor Advertising Improvement

Our keen approaches in providing quality of Out of Home services are driven by certain crucial brand queries:
  • The elaboration brand issues as the insight to drive the needs of OOH plan and implementation.
  • Types of OOH channels to place the exposure and create the engagement.
  • Alternative way to improve the awareness and engagement through OOH usage improvement due to brand’s issue & brief.
  • The involvement of OOH in consumer’s journey.
  • Analytics tool to see and support the usage and placement from every OOH spot potentially.
  • OOH buying arrangement on budget allocation to maximize the eectiveness OOH use through the media planning.
  • The concept wrap to outcome an proficient advertisement.
  • The strategy and capability of OOH placement as an extension to synthesize other marketing & communication campaigns integratedly.
  • Development stages in how OOH is progressively used.
  • The return of investment from OOH buying that aect sustainable use of OOH placement.

The Working Streamlines in the Improvement of OOH Plan

To enact those leading paths, our company designates the way OOH should be implessively used by carrying the vivid flows to functionate and optimize the media use as it is supposed to be through SAJI Media or Serving The Media (Strengthening The Roots to Grow Better)


Relevant OOH Media to Answer The Brief.


Connecting The Well Planned Strategy to Any Probable Instruments to Meet Audience.


Confirmed Reasons to Activate The Buying.


Resulting Placement with Expected Impact.

An Improvement to Raise Better

Not just growing, but we help the brands to be stood among the competition with well-planned and precise actions that will be driving the equal return of investment from the exposure and engagement they created.

Therefore, we are concerned on putting these ideas for your brand:
  • Suitable & Adjustable Implementation.
  • Visibility that Meets The Brand Market.
  • Achieve The Desired Image of The Brand.
  • Create Potential New Channels.
  • The Exposure that Should Drive to Advanced Actions.
  • Monetizing Strategy.